Unheard voice of a Kashmiri Pandit who got killed a few days ago in Kashmir….

Unheard voice of a Kashmiri Pandit who got killed a few days ago in Kashmir….
By Abid Salam

You were forcing me to return,
Saying that you guys are kashmiris jugular vein. 
We somehow tried to came back and forgot the Exodus pain.
In his every speech he forced to return..
 And people were clapping..
 Who was he? a Radicalized leader and a veteran.

I came and won by Muslim votes 
But Aaah today was killed by sponsored goats. 
I have never seen a single verse in Quran to kill a Pandit Sarpanch.

I too received a warm welcome by Prophet
Now sitting in heaven on a first bench
I too have witnessed the worst of this conflict.
I too left my Homeland after Radicalized verdict.
Show off for our return is everywhere.
But  the willingness of invitation is missing from Core.
May be you just killed a Non believer to get 72 virgins.
I have never seen the Prophet said it under the shadow of Guns. 
I gave a gesture of willingness but I saw the worst.
Aah I witnessed the hate and a gun burst.
Behind my return there was trust and a secure word.
I got killed when I was visiting my orchard.
Now there comes a word a word of trust.
That is not found on the Kashmiri Earth’s Crust.
My wife was crying came nearer to me and whispered.”Mahraa” where is the secure promise and secure word?
I replied those are flashed, vanished now there is only a hate and a bloody sword.
I just returned to finish the steareotype.
Aah you killed me I was innocent now I have nothing to write.

 I have been the first and the worst victim of this so called dispute.
Now there is bullet in my head and I got to know this not a Kashmir dispute this is a bloody Kashmir confuse.
Please don’t force us to return Whether you are a comman man a Leader or a Rediclised veteran.

The writer Abid Salam is a freelance journalist and corporator from Muncipal council Baramulla