Selective condemnations and Ostrich approach.

Selective condemnations and Ostrich approach.

Killing of Kulgam boy.

Javed Qadri – Srinagar

This was Friday- revered day for Muslims across the World. In the highway town of Kashmir- Bijbhehra terrorists who claim to be upholding the cause of Islam kill a seven-year-old boy during an attack on a CRPF party. This is killing of an innocent- our own local boy- Nihaan Bhat- he was shot at the same place which shuts for a day every year to mourn the killings of people in security forces action in the nineties. What has changed over the years?

Not many years before, the death of a Srinagar teenager Tufail Mattoo allegedly by a smoke shell fired by a policeman sparked a wave of killings across Kashmir. Today there is silence; there is no condemnation brigade active on social media who fan the protests against the valley with their emotional posts and pictures. It can be either of the two- programmed to raise voice against security forces only – or tactful silence to let the militants get away from the blame of killing civilians.

There is no harm in raising voice against the killing of civilians by security forces; unjustified killings should always be condemned irrespective of which side of the division he falls. In a place where guns roar every day in one or the other part, is it not abnormal that we are holding a gun of state responsible for every killing and mercenaries of Pakistan go scot-free. Is it fashionable to shield them from any accusations? I have across many posts and tweets on social media which claim militancy in Kashmir as Islamic war and militants as martyrs. Hold on with the same argument; if this is a holy war, then it is important to call spade a spade and punish the culprits whosoever he is. According to Islam “Whoever kills an innocent life it is as if he has killed all of humanity.” |Surat Al-Ma’idah 5:32| Qur’an. What should be the punishment for the man who has killed budding soul Nihaan?

Ostrich Approach

Your politics is a mismatch to the philosophies you propagate and cherish to have with your so-called political and military means. Everyone particularly