Road Less Traveled- Story of Ejaj Ahmed Khan-BDC

Road Less Traveled- Story of Ejaj Ahmed Khan-BDC
25 Aug 2020

The story of Ejaj Ahmd Khan is an inspiring story of a young man, who inspite of his privileged life decided to walk the unbeaten path and chart his own course and serve his fellowman. 

Ejaj Ahmd Khan was born in Gujran Village of Tulail Valley. Tulail Valley is a remote and isolated valley and part of Gurez Tehsil of Bandipura District. Population is mostly impoverished due to lack of employment opportunities and basic amenities. Main occupation of local population is farming, animal rearing and employment as porter/ pony owner with Indian Army.  However, inspite of adversity, people of the area are very patriotic and pro Security Forces.   

Ejaj Ahmd Khan was born in a prosperous family in Gujran Village. Both his parents were teachers in Government Middle School, Gujran and his family was well respected in the village due to their helping nature.  Ejaj Ahmd Khan completed his basic education from Gujran and senior secondary education from Dawar.  After completing his senior secondary education, he moved to Srinagar and pursued BA from Amar Singh College, Srinagar.  Thereafter he completed his Masters from Kashmir University.  

After completing his Masters, he moved to Punjab & worked as teacher in Pathankot.  While working as teacher in Pathankot, he got the opportunity to visit other parts of the State and Delhi and he saw the tremendous progress in the country. 

He realized that in comparison to other parts of the country, Jammu& Kashmir and especially his village has not witnessed any progress due to the lackadaisical approach of the political leaders and local administration.  He decided to move back to his village and change the system.  In 2017, he moved back to his village and consulted his family.  He told them of his desire of doing something for his village and making a change in their lives.  He decided to contest the election for Sarpanch.  

Although his father was an Ex MLA and well respected in the village, he faced stiff resistance from old guard.  He was able to convince the villagers about his intentions and vision for the village and he was elected village Sarpanch in 2018.  Thereafter, he contested the election for Block Development Chairman (BDC) and was elected as BDC in 2019.
After getting elected as Block Development Chairman, Ejaj Ahmd Khan started executing his vision for transformation of his village.  He focused his attentions towards medical facilities. Earlier people used to go to Dawar for medical treatment, however, due to his efforts, a Primary Health Centre was opened by Government in Gujran village for the local population.  Government Middle School, Gujran was renovated and a play ground was constructed for the school children.  Emergency ambulance service was started by the Government for move of serious patients to Dawar. A water supply scheme was approved by the Government for the villagers and is presently under construction. 

Due to his initiative and people oriented project, he earned the respect of the villagers and emerged as part of a new political leadership and he was invited to meet the European Delegation which visited Jammu Kashmir UT post abrogation of Article 370. He briefed the European Delegation on ground realities of Kashmir and damage inflicted on local population due to Article 370 & Pakistan sponsored terrorism. His eloquence and knowledge of ground realities helped a great deal in clearing the misconception about Kashmir and convincing the delegation about the ground realities and sinister role of Pakistan in fomenting trouble in Kashmir.

He returned back to his village as a true representative of his fellowman. Presently, Ejaj Ahmd Khan is engaged in serving his community and transforming their life with the hope that his fellowman would have a better quality of life in future.His efforts and selfless service has been recognized by the political dispensation in the UT of J&K and he has been appointed as a representative of Kashmir Division in the Advisory Council for Afforestation,Revenue,Planning and Management and this new responsibility has given further impetus to his goal of transforming and bringing positive changes in the life of his fellow men.