Pride of Kashmir: Meet Rahi Syed, Singer and composer of the new hit Single "Sarmast"

Meet Rahi Syed, Singer and composer of the new hit Single “Sarmast”

The Kashmiri singer-songwriter Rahi Sayed is quite overwhelmed by the response to his new single “Sarmast”. He said, coming from a place like Kashmir, he feels a certain responsibility to represent the youth of the state in the right manner.

“I feel the responsibility to represent youth of Kashmir in mainstream.I live in Srinagar but my father is from Pulwama. People find it hard to believe that a singer-songwriter is coming from Pulwama, a place they looked at as a ‘bombed place’.But it is not like that,”he said

He added: “Every time when tourists come to Kashmir, they usually say that we have heard so much (of the negativity & violence) about Kashmir but it is not true.We are very hospitable people. We even open our doors to strangers.I want people to know this side of the reality too.”

“Sarmast” is written in the tribal language of Garo & Rahi has composed it besides singing the song. According to the artiste, one of his mentors, Shubhoshekhar Bhattacharjee,encouraged him to do the collaboration that encapsulates the folk culture of Meghalaya & Sufism into one.