Pride of Kashmir: Meet Akeel An International Award Winning Sketch Artist, Innovator from Kashmir

Meet Akeel An International Award Winning Sketch Artist, Innovator from Kashmir
22 Aug 2020

Akeel a Kashmiri sketch artist and engineer by profession who hails from Kupwara has introduced several experimental projects as well, and in 2012 he became the first prize winner at a state level competition for making a “Golden Chair” for handicapped people. He suggested a model under the name of “Remote Hazard Signalling for Traffic at Blind Turns” and was selected for Masterpieces 2017, World’s first inter- continental Multi-Genre Festival. He was the lone competitor representing Jammu and Kashmir at
the Fest, which included participants from across the world.
“Allhamdulillah all my family members have been most supportive. I definitely wanted to thank my parents for being my backbone, supporting and motivating me the best way possible. Parents plays an important role in fulfilling the dreams of their children’s. Yes, my dad, he is the Ist one to share my artworks when- ever i upload them” said Akeel.
Painting definitely was his choice but he got inspired by one of his pre- school teachers.
Communication blockades and lockdowns certainly are some of the
impediments that confront us. Besides in Kashmir there are not so many platforms where artists are represented. “Till now i have never faced any difficulties, as I balance both my passion and profession with equal dedication. Instead, art acts as a sort of stress reliever for me whenever studies become tiring”, he said.
Many celebrities posted his work on their official pages. He has also been contacted by brands like TV Official and Cricket lovers. Currently Akeel is working on a project that can help blind people. We at Team RK hope that His upcoming project will be very fruitful for valley and country.