Opinion: Labour versus Development

Labour versus Development

A teacher teaching his son, a doctor treating his wife, a mother raising her child – all these tasks are not done to earn income. Therefore, in economics, these activities are not considered labor. Physical or mental work which is done not for earning income but for enjoyment and happiness does not fall in the category of labor… labor and karma are complementary to each other…..

By Dr. Shanker Suwan Singh

13 May 2020

The word labor is made up of labor. Labor means hard work. There are two ways to work – physical hard work and mental hard work. A person who makes a living through physical or mental hard work is called a laborer. In economics, labor means manual labor. It also includes mental work.According to S.E. Thomas “labor represents all human efforts of the body or mind that are done in the hope of reward”. The services of workers, doctors, lawyers, officers and teachers and all the others working in the factories are involved in labor. The gardener’s work in the garden, the work of a teacher in the university is called labor because he receives income for it. A teacher teaching his son, a doctor treating his wife, a mother raising her child – all these tasks are not done to earn income. Therefore, in economics, these activities are not considered labor. Physical or mental work which is done not for earning income but for enjoyment and happiness does not fall in the category of labor, that is, it is not labor. Just as fish is related to water, similarly labor is related to labor. Fish cannot survive without water. Similarly, labor cannot survive without labor. That is to say – labor is a means of livelihood. On which labor depends. The laborer takes care of himself and his family by doing manual labor. At the same time, educated class takes care of themselves and their family by doing mental labor. Both laborers and educated classes are laborers. One relies on manual labor and the other on mental labor. Therefore, it is meaningless to talk about labor without labor. If there is labor, there is labor.Labor is done to do some work. This work is called karma. Hard work done in good direction is called good karma. Hard work done in the wrong direction is called bad karma. If the labor done by the person is in the national interest, then karma is good. To say that labor and karma are complementary to each other. When a person works hard in his life, he becomes a successful person. The labor done by a person is called human karma.Man is the best of all beings. Man’s mental power is much more developed than the mental power of other beings. If the saint believes in the people, then man is the one who considers this world as a hospice and a traveler staying in it. In this way, while doing karma, he will not be bound by the bond of karma nor will there be disorder in him. Labor is the real property of man. Life without labor is meaningless. That is, labor is life. The holy book of Hindus is described in the Bhagavad Gita – Original VerseMaa Fleshu Kadachan, a performer of rights.Ma Karmaphalheturburba te sangolastavakarmani. 2.47.Meaning: -. 2.47. You have the right to act only. Never in fruit. You do not have to be for the result of your karma, and do not have attachment to the evil.Karma is life. Laziness is death. Not doing labor makes life hell. Life becomes heaven by doing labor.  Labor is called human angel. Human beings are called Satan by not doing labor. It has also been said that the “empty mind is the devil’s house”. Labor is the basis of the goal. Doing labor makes the mind happy. Labor keeps the body healthy. Labor is a factor of respect in society. The person succeeds by doing labor. A person doing labor becomes a source of inspiration for others. People fall behind in the race of life with laziness. You must have heard the story of the turtle and the rabbit, which is as follows – The rabbit runs at a high speed. He is very proud of his speed. Everyone knows that the turtle moves very slowly. Both run. The turtle moves continuously. As a result the turtle reaches the destination first. But the rabbit lags due to laziness. A person who does labor never loses. Abdul Kalam became President on the strength of hard work. Atal Vihari Vajpai became Prime Minister. There are many examples which reached the summit on the strength of labor.It is by labor that people become independent writers, columnists, journalists, judges , IES, IAS, scientists, etc. and elevate the name of the nation. A bright and brilliant student is unable to do anything due to his laziness. What someone has said is “hard work exposes people’s character”. Labor is essential for the progress of the nation. Labor is an indicator of success. Great success can be achieved through hard work. How much labor does man do? He progresses as much. There are many industry houses in our country. Who does not know the names of Tata and Birla? They have established empires. All this is the result of their labor. Birla temples are seen in many big cities of the country. Birla has also earned money and donated it. Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri became Prime Minister due to his labor. Einstein labored and became the greatest scientist in the world. Labor creates a person. Labor makes him a leader. Labor makes him an actor. The life of film actors looks very attractive. Everyone wants to be an actor but it is not easy. The life of an actor is the result of severe austerity. Sadhus and monks see God only on the strength of labor and penance. Let’s interview God. The life of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Tulsidas, Balmiki, Ved Vyas, Lord Mahavira, Mahatma Gautama Buddha, Guru Nanak Dev etc. was full of labor. Life is not possible without labor. Whether it is mental labor or manual labor, both labor play an important role in building the nation. There are two ends of national development – mental labor and manual labor. The development of the nation rests on these two ends.No country can be developed without workers and no industry can work. A country without workers is just as lame. Workers’ Day is also known as May Day. It is mostly celebrated on 1 May. Labor Day began on May 1, 1886, at Hay Market in Chicago, USA. The workers there had gone on strike to reduce the working limit from 10-12 hours to 8 hours. Seven people died due to bullets fired by the police that day. But in the end the demand of the workers was accepted.In 1923, Labor Day was celebrated for the first time in India in Chennai. It is also celebrated as Meerut Day. Every country has its own different way of celebrating Labor Day but the aim of all is to make the workers aware of their rights and to give them full respect. Labor Day is celebrated with great joy and gaiety as a celebration. On this day, workers’ union has to come together and take decisions for their rights. Workers live in every country, so this day is not only celebrated in one country but different days are also celebrated in different countries.Under the legislation related to social security, all the Acts which provide various social benefits for workers – sickness, maternity, employment related trauma, provident fund, minimum wages etc. – are provided. In this category, the Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948, the Employees Provident Fund Act, 1952, the Minimum Allowance Act, 1948, the Coal, Mines Workers Welfare Fund Act, 1947, the Indian Dock Workers Act, 1934, the Mines Act, 1952 and the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 Etc. are prominent. There are 128 labor and industrial laws currently in force in India.In fact, labor legislation is a part of social legislation. Workers are specific groups of society. For this reason, the legislations made for workers fall into a different category of social legislation. The spread of industrialization, increase in the permanent category of wage earners, increasing importance of workers in the economic and social life of different countries and improving their status, development of labor unions, awareness of their rights in workers, education among unions workers The prevalence of labor legislation has increased due to proliferation, deterioration of the prerogatives of managers and employers and many other reasons.  Considering the prevalence of labor laws and their increasing importance, it is considered appropriate to keep them in a separate category. In the labor legislation, individuals or their groups are seen as laborers or their groups. Some important topics of modern labor legislation are – quantity of wages, payment of wages, deductions from wages, working hours, rest intervals, weekly leave, paid leave, physical date s of work, labor union, collective bargaining, strike, standing order, Terms of employment, bonus, workmen’s compensation, maternity benefit and welfare fund etc. Objectives of Labor Law –

The following objectives of labor legislation are

1. Industrial Promoting the spread of workers,

2. Appropriate increase in the permanent category of wage earners,

3. Implementing the local scenario in view of the increasing importance of workers in the economic and social life of different countries and improving their status.

4. To develop labor unions,

5. To spread awareness among workers about their rights,

6. To promote the spread of education among unions workers,

7. Increasing the generality of labor legislation due to the deterioration of the prerogatives of managers and employers and many other reasons.

Workers are essential for construction from home to industry. They work hard day and night to nurture their family. National holiday is celebrated in 80 countries on Labor Day. One holiday a week to the workers to spend time with the family doubles their enthusiasm. At present, there is a situation of lock down due to Corona epidemic in the country, in which all people are getting a lot of opportunity to live with family. People got to see clean cleaning, pooja lessons, elders along with culture etc. while staying at home. The government should not allow the rights of workers to be exploited. The working period of the workers is eight hours and no industrialist can get them to work more than this. Where the laborers work, their insurance and medical and their family’s safety should be ensured. In the Corona (Covid-19) epidemic, the condition of the workers is being monitored by the government and they are being helped by the government treasury. Recently, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Honorable Yogi Aditya Nath, issued an order to bring back the laborers living outside Uttar Pradesh. This is a commendable step by the honorable Chief Minister. The foundation of the development of the nation is laid by labor.

The Writer, Dr. Shanker Suwan Singh is a Columnist and Thinker Assistant Professor at Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology & SciencesNaini in Prayagraj-211007(UP)