Opinion: Behind the Facade of Folly – How "Covidiots" are getting it all wrong!

Behind the Facade of Folly – How “Covidiots” are getting it all wrong!

The virus can affect anyone regardless of their wealth and religion……..”

By Atif Salim Khan
Reported by Team RK

The world is a beautiful place when there is tolerance for all kinds of personal choices. It becomes chaotic when a shadow of bigotry and prejudice falls over the eyes of people. Unfortunately, this overwhelms our thoughts and we keep on ignoring the easily accessible harmony until nature strikes an uneven chord and rings the men out of their wits, waking them regretful  and full of submission. But even a natural catastrophe doesn’t seem to cure all the people of the disease of selfishness . And now, the corona pandemic has revealed to us that the number of such covidiots is not small.

Where one expected the pandemic to make people more humble and make them aware of their brief existence,we see people blaming marginalized sects and particular religions. Even nations seem to celebrate the fact that their neighbouring countries have more corona cases than they themselves have. Instead of working together and encouraging each other, people at all levels seek an opportunity to prey upon others, both literally and figuratively. In a time when trifling things could be put aside to join hands in the fight against covid19, hatred is being fuelled not only by common people but also by the so called sophisticated journalists.

Its quite sad to see many people let arrogance strengthen their ignorance. Their claims that COVID19 can’t harm them have obviously no basis, but their blind faith in something totally erroneous  defies common sense. These people could simply recall that pandemics have devoured people of all religions in the past and try to understand  that the virus affects people biologically not spiritually. The virus can affect anyone regardless of their wealth and religion.

The ignorance has blinded some people so much so that they’ve attacked doctors and other medical staff. To some extent it is our collective fault as many COVID19 patients have been looked crossly at by almost everyone. The patients  are not only labelled as untouchables on physical level, which is  necessary of course, but they’re labelled so on deeper levels, and tortured psychologically. This behaviour has led many people to not get themselves tested for COVID19, even though they suspect that they might have the virus. And the consequence, obviously,  is the antithesis of what we want. Therefore, it must be our priority to change our behaviour so that such people can come out and do whatever they’re supposed to do.

Today’s generation would rather take pictures to satisfy their narcissistic ego rather than offer help. This is perhaps the most immoral act nowadays, and sadly enough, there are people who stoop so low as to enjoy such an act and the comments that come with it.

Yet the majority of people have learned the lesson, and are trying to mend the broken chord so that the music of optimism is heard again.

The Writer Aatif Saleem khan can be reached on Khanaatif1889@gmail.com