NIA Chare-sheets Two Accused -Theft of Computer Devices From under Construction Indigenous Aircraft Carrier.

NIA Chare-sheets Two Accused -Theft of Computer Devices From under Construction Indigenous Aircraft Carrier.

Kochi, September 05: On 4th September, 2020, NIA filed charge-sheet in RC-03/2019/NIA/KOC (IAC Theft Case) against accused persons Sumit Kumar Singh (A-1), son of Pramod Kumar Singh, resident of Munger district, Bihar and Daya Ram (A-2), son of Bhanwar Lal, resident of Hanumangarh district, Rajasthan under sections 120B, 201, 380, 454 and 461 read with 34 of Indian Penal Code besides section 66F(1)(B) of the Information Technology Act.

ii)​The case pertains to the criminal trespass and theft of critical electronic components including Processors, Random Access Memory and Solid State Drives, installed aboard the Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC) under construction at the Cochin Ship Yard Limited (CSL), between July and September, 2019.

iii)​The case was originally registered as Crime No. 1384/ 2019 at Ernakulam Town South Police Station, Kochi City on 16.09.2019 under sections 457, 461 and 380 of IPC based on the complaint of the Deputy General Manager, Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC) Project, Cochin Shipyard Ltd. During investigation, based on facts revealed thereto, the Kerala Police had invoked sections 121 and 121A of IPC besides section 66F of Information Technology Act in the case.

NIA had re-registered the case on 26th September, 2019 and taken over the investigation from Kerala Police on 16th October 2019.

iv)​After meticulous, extensive and scientific investigation spread over many States in a period of 9 months, NIA zeroed in on the above two accused persons. They were arrested from their respective locations in Bihar and Rajasthan. After sustained interrogation, they confessed to the crime.

v) Investigation by NIA has revealed that both the accused, Sumit Kumar Singh (A-1) and Daya Ram (A-2) were engaged as contract employees for painting work aboard the IAC between February and September, 2019.

While working aboard the IAC, they had observed the computer systems functioning on the warship under construction and conspired, since May, 2019, to commit theft of computer hardware components, for monetary gain.

Consequently, between second week of July and first week of September, 2019, accused A-1 and A-2 trespassed into the locations aboard the IAC, where the critical computer resources were installed and committed theft of critical computer hardware including Processors, RAMs and SSDs with data, knowing that the same pertains to the security of the Nation and hence is restricted.

During September, 2019 the accused had sold one stolen Processor for monetary gain, before the theft was detected and the case registered. Subsequently, in late-September, 2019, the accused left Ernakulam for their native places, along with the remaining stolen property, that was recovered after their arrest by NIA on 10th June, 2020.