Let's Talk they say…..Let's then….

Let’s Talk they say…..Let’s then….
By Yana Mir

A common Kashmiri mindset goes something like “We love India, We follow Gandhi, We hate Pakistan…but our youth is Disgruntled…The Government of India should talk to them”

Well….Ok then let’s do the talking..

What do you want the Indian Government to tell the disgruntled youth?

How to love your country?

How not to pick up stones just because you don’t have a job

How not to blame your own nation and its soldiers who are there to protect you, but to blame the interference and radicalization coming in from Pakistan- for all the woes, worries, internet /school shutdowns, houses damaged, innocents killed as collateral damage?

Are these things to be taught to our youth?

Let me rephrase it a bit…

Does Govt need to teach youth to love their own mother?

If mother puts less salt in food to save your father from heart stroke, will you whine and complain about her in front of the whole mohalla?

If mother is unable to send you to school because school building was destroyed by monsters from Pakistan, will u throw stones at her?

If your mother’s father promised that you will get a gift , but your mothers husband who is now your father, says he cannot afford that gift for practical reasons, will you ask for Azadi from your family?

No amount of counseling from the Government or from God Himself, can changed a warped mentality like that.

There are some things you ought to introspect and think for yourself.

Instead of thinking what country did for you, think what you can do for country.

You believe in Gandhi you say?

Did Gandhi ever say Don’t respect any other government in India except Congress?

You say Hindus are unfair- they must stop Islamophobia and Muslim-hatred…

You think it is easy for them to just forget the Pandit genocide and move on casually?

Or the oppression by Mughal invaders?

You want to remove Islamophobia by whining and complaining? Have you considered winning hearts?

You don’t believe in doing anything for anyone at all do you? It is only You who should be pleased at all costs?

You say you believe in Gandhi, Did Gandhi ever say “ Slap the Angrez first , then let’s see how they feel”


Gandhi said “if they slap, put your other cheek forward”.. that’s how he won hearts…that’s how he propagated peace…. Are u really following Gandhi’s teachings?

Obviously NOT.

Are you doing anything in your capacity to make your Hindu brethren agree unanimously that you don’t represent Mughal Invaders nor do you endorse the radical form of Jihad coming from across the border?

Is there anything YOU are doing ? Apart from Whining and Complaining?………

The writer Yana Mir is a vocal Kashmiri social activist, TV debate panelist and editor in chief of The Real Kashmir News. She can be followed on twitter @MirYanaSY