"India is the most unrecognized power in the world"- By Nail Hend (US Ex-Marine)

“India is the most unrecognized power in the world”- By Nail Hend (US Ex-Marine)
Reported by Team RK
18 June 2020

“As an ex marine, I’ll say this:
India is the most unrecognized power in the world. Most of the East India Company and later the British Raj was made up of Indian soldierswho were used to control Asia and Africa.They fought in Afganistan. And more recently in 5 wars with Pakistan. They also fought 2 wars with China, 1962 and 1967. In 62 they were unprepared but in 67 they actually won against China.Also, 2 million Indians fought in WW2 for the British. And, Indian troops in the UN peace keeping mission are the best performer during operations.
India also won 1 major mock airforce war against USA during training, some years ago — surprising us all.Mate China has no clue what it’s taking on.
Not to mention the Indians have been fighting wars on and on for centuries.”