How Pakistan is using social media to radicalize Kashmiri youth.

How Pakistan is using social media to radicalize Kashmiri youth.

Kashmiri youth can be nation builders, they just need to be lovingly guided and saved from getting radicalized by Pakistan proxy, which is using the latest technique -Social Media- to stray Kashmiri youth from path of peace and prosperity into the dungeons of radicalization and possible militancy……Al Ibrahim

Reported by TEAM RK

Kashmir has returned to its normal situation as it was in previous times before 1989,  There are no more incidents of stone pelting, very less recruitment in militancy. Pro-India voices have came forward to diffuse the fake propaganda of Pakistan on Kashmir. Youth have started taking initiatives to uplift the society with their work, many are entering into politics for better governance in Kashmir. The main motto of Kashmiri Youth has become to outshine the world with their outstanding work and talent. 

Pakistan couldn’t bear to see Kashmiri people enjoying happily with India and also they are puzzled now how to deviate Kashmiri youth from right path and now they have started a new war to radicalize youth of Kashmir-that is Social Media. We should not forget that social media is a forest fire once it catches fire then it is not easy to stop. This new growing trend of social media radicalization may lead to rise in recruitment of militancy, stone pelting incidents, and the most important killings of Pro-India voices in Kashmir.

Few days back many Kashmiri social and political activists have received death threats on social media ( names withheld for security reasons). These social media accounts are being operated from Pakistan by Pakistani terrorists and their Army to disrupt peace in UT of J&K, in connection with this they pass the information to overground workers ( OGWs) of Kashmiri militants and now those OGWs have started to bring local Kashmiri students to work for them and they pass information, security hacks etc to militants. This has become a vicious Web militancy chain.

The Social media application used for this work is mostly Twitter, one of the main reasons of using this application is that people don’t get followers easily on twitter, as it hasn’t much growth of users in Asia. So for gaining followers what some of the Kashmiri students actually do they make proxy accounts for posting disgusting things and they start a trend of something and then that trend remains on top for sometime and in that meantime they get some followers. I would like to elaborate a bit here for more clarity, Lets suppose a guy is using Twitter account and has 10 followers out of which 6-7 are his friends and they have started a trend to post comments of so called “azadi” , “jihaad”, “resistance” or whatever they have decided and they gained a dozen followers, it’s obvious that the other guys after seeing such improvement in their list will also do the same to reach their level, no matter if they don’t want to do it from their own thought-process but the looming atmosphere around them creates a psychic effect in their minds due to which they do it. Now what Pakistan and their Army is doing they have created many proxy social media accounts and on those accounts they post the pictures and quotes of so called Azadi and give it a boost with some radical thoughts and then they circulate it on media to radicalize Kashmiri youths.   

The students of age group 15-27 from kashmir who are very talented and skilful, but have been trapped in this Social media radicalization and many social media accounts of some renowned persons from Kashmir are being used for this purpose. These talented students are future of our nation they are not terrorists, but somewhere, we as a society have failed to Guide them or show them the right way. The main reason behind this growing trend is the people who have fame in social and political field and are using it to deviate the youth from right to wrong path. Many renowned Journalists of Kashmir, Lawyers, political activists have started this chain for the sole purpose of their own benefit. This will create a severe impact in coming times if action is not taken against it.

This is a big mafia gang Pakistan has created where they have involved the new terrorists Organizations​ called TRF and TMI  which are responsible for many recent killings in Kashmir. They have been given the task to recruit more and more youth from Kashmir, to increase their strength and to set their roots deep down. They are running a blog called “Kashmir Fight” where they post threats given to pro-India voices, they make plots to assasinate many activists in Kashmir exposing them as betrayers of Kashmiri Society.

However their grip on radical terrorism has become much slower as compared to recent years.  Pakistan has started to fund them via London as many of their clients are sitting in London and operating many NGOs there and through those NGOs they get funds transferred via “Hundi” process to Kashmir, some of the NGOs I would like to name here are “Stand with kashmir” , “Kashmir solidarity moment” etc. There are numerous social media pages and accounts that are involved in this online radicalization I don’t want to name them, but if they are reading this article please stop it, you will fail in this process and also Pro voices like me will always expose your fake agendas. 

There is also a solution to stop this radicalization process if we are willing to do it then only we can. The only thing that needs to be done is the intellectuals and renowned people have to come forward with love and affection towards them and guide them in your own way. Try your best to integrate them in a pan-India society. They would rather not take the gun instead they would choose to pick the pen. They should learn to speak out about real and existing problems of our Kashmiri society, be it Electricity load shedding, Academic shutdowns, Internet Restoration, rehabilitation of Pandits back in the valley, employment issues etc instead of resisting for an imaginary Azadi which will not benefit anyone except selfish Pakistan proxy, Politicians and Islamic Leaders.

Our college going youth can become the builders of our nation if we will provide them exposure and good platforms. We need to wake up before Pakistan will be successful in creating a hysteria of radicalization in the minds of Kashmiri Youth. If we will not look into it, at the earliest the situation will become more worst because peace has prevailed and terrorism is suppressed still the smithy of Peace is hot as yet and once it gets cold then it becomes difficult to owe it. We have lost generations in bloodshed we can’t afford to loose more, we have suffered economic loss in this cold war, so it’s better to be preventive each time than to consult a doctor after illness. I request the Ministry of Home Affairs India and Indian Army to openly expose this agenda of Pakistan. This Article is  written in the interest of public. 

Writer Al Ibrahim is a Srinagar based Kashmiri author and can be reached on twitter @Al__ibrahim