"God, Help me forgive and be Kind"- A beautiful Poetry By Areiba Ashraf Mir

“God, Help me forgive and be Kind”- A beautiful Poetry By Areiba Ashraf Mir
3 July 2020

” I heard You Cure Everyone’s pain,
Please give me back my spine vein.

The vein because of whom I was strong,
I accept I was wrong.

I am always thankful to you,
Please cure and forgive.

I am stuck in a bottle of heart and mind,
Give me power to find.

Be kind to all the people around you,
You are not going to take anything with you.

Be soft to everyone, it will be good for someone.

Kindess will last forever, we can die anywhere.

Love everyone even if they are bad,
Remember one day you will be on grave bed.

Noone will understand your rudeness,
Because all they need is happiness..

Be kind to everyone, then you will be remembered everywhere
Peace is kindness, which will give you happiness….

Mir Areiba Ashraf an emerging Writer and Poetess who has a great interest in literature and art. She started writing when she was in class 6th and her first poem was for her grandmother. She used to show her work to people instead of guiding her they used to criticize her and put her down. She felt weak but giving up was never an option, “Areiba said. There was no looking back in her life. Areiba is writing poems in both Urdu and English language. Born in Indian Administered Kashmir, the writer remained inclined with the daily suffering of mankind. The writer believes that her writings and poetry can make impact in the world of literature and people will remember her even after her decease. She says that she is at the beginning stage of her writing career, but has a long way to go.