Dowry Is Not A Gift, It's A Burden.

Dowry Is Not A Gift, It’s A Burden.

By Farhat Wani.

Dowry system is a curse on our society. It has taken very dangerous form in modern time. Dowry can be defined as the gifts given by bride’s family at the time of marriage to the groom’s family. But now it is not just a gift. It is a demand and demand is mounting day by day. We can’t end it merely by shouting slogans and holding demonstrations. A woman will have to become bold. They should have an education and should become economically self-dependent. They should refuse to marry dowry-seekers. Men should also try to wash off this unholy stigma. They should take a vow not to demand or accept any dowry at the time of their marriage. It is only by exercising a strong will-power that this evil can be ended.

Many girls remain unmarried for the want of dowry. In Srinagar district alone there are more the 35000 unmarried girls. Many others have to face the difficult time in the house of in-laws. This system has many other manifestations also like female child feticide, malnutrition in girls, etc. A society, which cannot respect its women, can’t grow. We should uproot this bad custom by strict laws and public awareness. Boys also have an important role in it. They should have courage enough to oppose this inhumane practice.

The system of dowry is creating disbalance in the society, the lower middle class is getting poorer and the upper class is getting richer day by day. This will lead to the other crimes in the society as well. That is why this should be banned because this is creating many problems in the society and even Islam does not allow this system.