Opinion: Digital Divide In the times of Corona

Digital Divide In the times of Corona

In our country more than  60% of the students belong to SC, ST, OBC and EWS. Unfortunately they are at the receiving end of the digital divide- which has become a trend now.

These students come from a very poor background and their only motive is to access education. These students don’t even have smartphones and in fact mobile recharge is a big burden for them, especially when their only source of income is already gone due to ongoing lockdown.

Many people live in small villages who study under various central and state universities. These students even struggle for the basic necessities of life like electricity, they cannot afford to get online classes in these times. If some privileged students get access to online classes while others belonging to Below poverty line cannot, then it would be a huge injustice to those students who are economically weak. Universities and other higher education departments should adapt a uniform policy. Otherwise, these different modes will create inequality and an uneven standardization in the society.

The writer Shahid Nabi can be reached on nabishahid8@gmail.com